The Wilds have family stories worth sharing. Here are a few for your enjoyment.


June 9, 1944

From the WW II diaries of Major H.R.C. Wild. Italy. June 1944

I must tell you the tale of an episode I had myself. It should be entitled "The liberation of Castel di Liri" or "How they brought the Good News from Avezzano to Coriagno". Read more...

April 25, 1941

H.R.C. Wild - April writings over four years of war. Read more...

June 1, 1917

Janet Wild - A Patea Kid 1914-26

The headmaster took his strap and you held out your hand for a whack. When John’s turn came, just as the headmaster was about to strap him, I roared across the yard and Read more...

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